Paradise Kuranda Guided Rainforest Walk

Kuranda RiverboatSteps in the rainforest constructed in the 1920sRainforest tree with buttress rootsElvis the cassowary in the rainforestBrown pine and lianaBasket fernRainforest trees with epiphytesTEA & CAKE IN THE RAINFORESTRefreshments in the rainforest


Join us for a guided interpretive rainforest walk accessible only via the Kuranda Riverboat.  You will be taken across the Barron River on the Kuranda Riverboat to a secluded rainforest clearing.  You will go on a guided interpretive rainforest walk through a beatuiful section of ancient tropical rainforest. The walk takes you on an established forest trail and your guide will show you many examples of tropical rainforest trees, vines, lianas and ferns and speak about the wildlife that lives in the area and the history of the first rainforest tour in Far North Queensland that used this same trail in the 1920s.  In those days people would be rowed across the river in all their finery in order to marvel at the beauty of the rainforest!   Sometimes you may also be lucky enough to see a cassowary.

At the end of the guided tour, and within the maintained clearing, there is a natural spring and a delightful area where you will be served tea/coffee and cake.

Return to the Kuranda Riverboat to be taken back to the jetty where you can either return to the village or book yourself onto a Kuranda Riverboat Cruise, which will take you down the Barron River.  During this calm water cruise you will see fish, turtles, birds and hopefully and freshwater crocodiles.

A minimum of 2 adults is required for this tour to operate and must be pre-booked.

Availability of all tours is subject to seasonal river conditions.  Book online using Credit Card.


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